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The Advantages of Seasonal Work—Beyond the Extra Cash

smiling workerHoliday trees in local department stores signal more than just holiday shopping; store decorations also mean retail, manufacturing and service employers are looking for seasonal employees to assist with increased holiday business. Could seasonal employment be right for you?

Before you dismiss the idea based on the traditional vision of an overworked seasonal retail employee, replace that picture with a few new ideas. Major employers often hire seasonal employees through local staffing agencies, so skip the want ads. Today’s seasonal workers fill manufacturing and administrative roles as well, and do so for reasons beyond more cash in their pocket. Yes, the extra money is a huge bonus when buying gifts, but workers enjoy other benefits as well:

  • Flexible part-time or full-time work. As a seasonal employee, you “fill in the blanks” for your employer, ideal for anyone juggling a busy schedule filled with jobs, personal commitments and school. Seasonal work is available on all shifts at companies throughout southeastern Wisconsin.
  • Learning new skills. Temporary employment is an opportunity to build hard and soft skills for your resume. If you are a reliable, hard-working employee who catches the attention of a manager, you’ve also gained another reference who can recommend you for future positions or promotions.
  • Temporary work. A job as a seasonal worker is ideal for anyone who has a new upcoming opportunity and needs to fill in an employment gap: a student not starting school until the summer term; a worker laid off for the winter; a professional looking for a transitional position to full-time employment.
  • Trying new jobs. Seasonal employment is your chance to try new jobs for a short period of time without the long-term commitment.

Did we mention you can earn extra cash to tackle those holiday bills? If you are looking for a seasonal position, contact Nissen Staffing Continuum. Our Career Consultants can give you an idea of open seasonal positions that you can apply for, as well as the hours, timeline for employment and nature of work. The next step is to fill out an application, perfect your interview skills and enjoy the advantages of seasonal work.

On-Demand Employment is In Demand

detail_21_staffing_solutions_wisconsinWant to be the superhero that swoops in, saves the day and moves on to the next adventure? Are you someone who doesn’t like to do the same thing day after day? Would you be willing to learn new jobs on a regular basis?

Look no further. On-demand employees are in demand right now. With a great can-do attitude, on-demand workers tackle new work on a regular basis at different southeastern Wisconsin employers. Every day, or every week, is a new adventure with a new job. Could you be an on-demand worker? Answer these questions to find out:

  • Are a quick learner and self-starter?Can you dive in and get it done (and get it done well?) On-demand workers often are given very little training and are expected to hit the ground running. The ability to follow directions and dive in is essential to working as an on-demand worker.
  • Are you dependable? Employers need reliable on-demand workers that show up every day on time.
  • Are you willing to try new jobs? Are you comfortable enough performing different tasks every day? Because businesses are always changing, on-demand workers’ jobs change day-to-day, or even throughout the day.
  • Do you have a variety of skills? Sounds like a sports question, doesn’t it? Like your favorite sports players, on-demand workers need to possess a variety of soft and hard skills.

If you said yes to all (or almost all) the questions, you could be an on-demand worker. There’s more good news: learning about how to be an on-demand work is as simple as picking up the phone. Call Nissen Staffing at 262 544-4787, speak with a “Just in Time” Career Consultant and ask your own questions to find out if on-demand employment is the right fit for you. From there, jump in and enjoy the adventure of on-demand work.