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5 Tips for Veterans Transitioning to the Civilian Workforce

workerWhen your military service is complete, and you’re ready for a job in the civilian workforce, tap into that same military efficiency you used as a member of the Armed Forces to search for a local job in southeastern Wisconsin. Though you may feel overwhelmed, these five simple tips can get you started, and on the road to a civilian position:

  • Make a list of skills gained during your military service. Start listing the skills you used, and research civilian job descriptions for comparable positions. Take note of any additional civilian training or requirements needed for the position.
  • Translate your military experience into a civilian job description for your resume. Detail your responsibilities in the military without using military acronyms and terminology.
  • Refresh your interview skills. Practice for your interview, specifically answering questions without using military terms that you would have to explain to civilian managers. Prepare for common interview questions, and write down answers you can practice. Once you get to the interview, be flexible and ready to answer any question.
  • Consider temporary employment. Don’t believe the myth that temporary employment won’t look good on your resume. Short- and long-term temporary positions allow you the chance to earn money (and benefits!) while using and gaining skills, building your network and trying out different civilian jobs. Once you have your job history and references compiled, apply for a local temporary job through Nissen Staffing Continuum.
  • Take advantage of additional resources.The military has courses and educational resources to assist veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce. In addition, websites often give tips specifically for veterans.

If you decide to apply for temporary employment, contact Nissen Staffing Continuum once you have a detailed job history and list of references. Preparation ensures your job application is accurate and neat, so you can contact Nissen Staffing Continuum about short- and long-term temporary jobs, temp-to-hire positions and direct hire positions throughout southeastern Wisconsin.