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Bring Luck to Your Unlucky Job Search

smiling workerMonths without call backs and responses from employers can make you feel like the most unlucky soul in Wisconsin. Hang in there. Landing a job doesn’t take luck, just a new approach and a few tweaks to your job search. You don’t have to knock on wood, carry a four leaf clover or bring out Irish luck, but you do have to revamp these aspects of your job search:

  1. Practice and improve your interview skills.Don’t walk into an interview without learning what job interview mistakes to avoid, and practicing a mock interview with a trusted family member or friend.
  2. Apply for temporary work. A temporary job can fill in gaps in your resume, bring in income, build your skills and network, and provide benefits. Be sure to apply online to a top Wisconsin staffing firm who can provide a quality job, benefits, and an answer to a key question.
  3. Dress the right way. As a general job search rule, don’t wear anything that is ‘too’—too short, too low cut, too casual, too formal. Don’t wear after shave or perfume. You don’t want to find out the interviewer is allergic and leave a bad impression. Your clothes should be clean and appropriate for the job you want.
  4. Revamp your resume. Go through your resume with a fine tooth comb. Correct any errors, and make sure your resume includes information appropriate for the type of position you want.
  5. Don’t bad mouth anyone, anywhere, any time. Mind your p’s and q’s on social media, in the job interview and on the phone. Employers do check your social media profiles, and they do care. Don’t say anything bad about previous employers, family members or your past positions during the interview—and don’t post anything online about your interview after it’s done.

Don’t feel you have to go through your job search alone. At Nissen Staffing, we say “It’s not who you know alone, it’s who we know together” and we mean it. Contact our Nissen Staffing Career Consultants about your job search. It’s free, and can give you the job search “luck” you need to find the right position.