Why Doing a Job Search Alone isn’t the Best Choice

Change in both the economy and the needs in the workplace are occurring so rapidly that searching for a job in today’s job market is a daunting task. How can you be sure if your specialization is in demand? What if you are not sure where you fit? Perhaps you have some knowledge of your competency, but is the market more competitive than usual in the area you are looking, such as Waukesha or Milwaukee? Then there is the ever-present dilemma of how you can stand out from others?

Of course, you first turn to your computer to search for what resources might be available. However, you find an abundance of employment resources on the web and sorting through them can be overwhelming and time consuming. It is difficult to be motivated to do so, much less know how to prioritize.

Where should you start your job search?

Times past would draw you to the classified section of the newspaper, and maybe you still do check the online version of your local paper. Chances are you would find little help there.

Perhaps you scroll through online job boards such as LinkedIn or CareerBuilder. You may even wonder why someone would name a job board Indeed.com.

No doubt, you have heard that searching for a job is a job in itself. It does take an extraordinary amount of time to review available positions and applicant requirements. It takes time to research individual companies via their websites and attempt to learn about their culture.

Suppose you’ve found a few listings for which you want to apply.

Whom do you contact?

You feel like you have networked with so many family, friends, and friends of friends that you are positive you’ve gone beyond the six degrees of separation, and even Kevin Bacon could have your resume by now.

Because of research, you have adjusted and targeted your resume. To differentiate yourself from the slush pile, you create individualized, well-written cover letters. You highlight a desired skill or experience and tweak this statement or that summary in hope to catch the eye of a particular employer.

After the investment of time, energy, and research, how can you be assured your hard work will rise to the top? Is it possible you located the correct name of the hiring manager? You feel hopeful and hit the send button.

Still, nothing happens.

It’s time to work with a team.

Being part of a team immediately gives you a lift because it removes the solitary burden of searching for a job. With a staffing team, you won’t be doing the job search alone.

Here are 7 advantages a staffing team offers:

  1. Specific suggestions on improving or tailoring your resume
  2. Potential computer training or refreshment of skills
  3. The potential of guaranteed work hours
  4. Greater access to and knowledge of a constantly-growing list of prominent companies in the vicinity
  5. Extensive knowledge of regional job market needs and pay ranges
  6. Specially selected job opportunities that fit your personal criteria, goals and lifestyle
  7. Career counseling, advice, and guidance on how to “re-invent” yourself

Seeking a Job? Connect with our staffing team.

Need help with your job search? Our Nissen Staffing Continuum team is ready to work with you. We can help you determine your goals, hone your skills, and translate them into employability. Contact Nissen Staffing Continuum today to get started.



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