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Do You Have an Attitude of Gratitude?

It’s that time of year again – when thoughts turn toward thankfulness. As you consider your list of what you are thankful for, do your job and your employer come to mind?

Chances are, your answer may be “no.” And little by little, as lack of gratitude sets in, it becomes more difficult to stay motivated and to care about your quality of work or your job in general. In fact, statistics say that Americans actively suppress expressing gratitude on the job.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

While the number one reason employees cite for leaving a job is lack of appreciation, the responsibility doesn’t rest alone on their employer’s shoulders. Yes, fostering harmony, appreciation, high morale and quality relationships among employees begins with management, but it can’t continue without a positive employee response. Those positive feelings energize and sparkle – sending out good vibes. They reflect in the demeanor and behavior of everyone in the organization.

Certainly, it is possible to have an “attitude of gratitude.” Try it yourself!

A sincere “thank you” is always welcome, especially for people who usually never get thanked. The words not only hearten the recipient but also allow the speaker to experience a twinge of happiness. Those two small words may be a simple gift, but a truly prized one. They show respect and value. They build self-worth. They encourage trust.

Be specific in your thanks.

Instead of only saying “Thanks for the help,” try saying, “Thanks for the way you handled the formatting and the time you took to proofread the chart.”

“Thank you for responding so quickly when I call tech. My computer and I couldn’t survive without you!”

“Thanks for offering great cafeteria selections each day. Your wrap choices are delicious!”

Specifics impress the person and show that you noticed their effort as well as valued their skills.

Not only is it possible to feel grateful, a positive attitude influences those around you and trickles down to customers. Haven’t you been a customer who has noticed a “smile” in the voice of a happy employee? If so, then you know what a positive impression that gives.

Be the one who causes someone else to feel positively about you and the organization for which you work!

Don’t underestimate how other employees notice when an effort is made to express appreciation. Like a “wave,” they may just follow your lead and pass it on. Maybe you could be the one who begins the “attitude of gratitude” grassroots movement in your organization. Then watch for the result of the “wave” to boost productivity, cooperation, and the potential benefits that come back to you.

Besides, isn’t it much less stressful to work in a harmonious workplace? Isn’t it more encouraging of a better work/life balance when employees feel comfortable in their environments and committed to their work? The staff at Nissen Staffing Continuum challenges you to focus on gratitude in 2016 and when the season of thanks rolls around again, you might find your job at the top of your “things I’m thankful for” list!

Meanwhile, Nissen Staffing Continuum can assist you with your employment plans and strategies.

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