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2016 and Your Dream Job

As 2016 approaches, have you made a new commitment to finding your dream job? Will it include telecommuting? A social cause? Collaborative teams? Employers are bringing some innovative ideas to the hiring space, so it pays to think about what they may offer vs. what you have to contribute. Whatever your dream, consider these three hiring trends as you adapt your job-seeking goals for the coming year.

  • Millennial workers rise to management as nearly 4 million baby boomers retire.

As younger managers assume vacancies left by retirees, expect outlooks and hiring practices to change. Millennials bring a fresh way of looking at both their jobs and the companies they work for. They will both identify new strategies for hiring employees to positions they once held as well as consider how those positions might fit into a transformed corporate structure. While boomers preferred a hierarchical organization, millennials like a flattering one that encourages more interaction. Millennials also find an entrepreneurial approach or a social-cause option to be appealing. Social media skills will help with client-facing jobs as well as team projects.

So how does this affect your job search?

Millennials: Present your fresh approach to leadership in a positive way. Promote it as an innovative way to move a company forward. Point out the benefits of millennial leadership. At the same time, show respect to the way of the Boomer. Indicate a willingness to learn and be mentored as you step into the shoes they wore yesterday.

Boomers: Even though you retired, you may still want to be professionally active – some of the time. Take advantage of the Millennial’s cry for mentoring as they step into leadership. Offer your services as a consultant/mentor. You may discover that your part-time retirement job is the dream job you always wanted.

  • More attractive, flexible benefit packages

A new wave of the workforce is entering the family stage. As millennial parents have children and desire to spend more time with them, they will require more flexibility within their jobs. Flexibility may come in the form of telecommuting or limited travel, but employees may be expected to be reachable outside the office or willing to work longer hours.

Millennials: Are you hearing your own voice here? This is the time to incorporate your desire for flexibility, telecommuting etc. into negotiations. The supply and demand scale is falling in your favor as companies face the skills gap. If you’ve got the talent, don’t be afraid to confidently claim what you need to make it your dream job.

Boomers: Many companies would welcome your part-time services for the transition. Don’t hesitate to request flexibility and other perks that please you. Like the Millennials who are stepping in, the supply/demand equation is falling in your favor.

  • Technology will be the method a potential employee uses for “employer shopping.”

Mobile technology and social media skills can bring the world closer to you. So, keep your options open in today’s employee-driven business climate. Unlike a decade or two ago, you can access company information via the internet. Take advantage of this opportunity to study a company’s culture before you choose to apply for a position. Use that transparency to your advantage in finding your dream position.

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