Monthly Archives: August 2016

Back to School Means Back to Work

The days are getting shorter and there’s an occasional crisp feeling in the air.  Before you think that back to school is only for the kids, channel those feelings and apply them to your professional life.

Sharpen your pencils and grab your new backpack, it’s back to school time! For many, back to school brings excitement and hopes of new beginnings.  Even those that dread the end of summer, find something exciting about that crisp September morning.  There is something encouraging about that first day of school and its promise of new resolutions, organization and growth.

Establish a Routine.  It’s been a great summer, but the days of late nights and sleeping in are about to end.  It’s time to make lunches, do homework, and sign permission slips.  While you help your family get back into a routine, commit to getting back into your own routine.  Plan ahead so you can manage your mornings and start your day without stress.  Manage your workload and make time to focus on things that are important to your own well-being, like exercise and eating healthy.

Do Some Goal Setting.  September is a great time to think about what you want to accomplish in both the short and long term.  Think about what you can accomplish in the next 30, 60 or 90 days and develop a plan.

Commit to Learn Something New.  Be a great role model for your kids and show them that learning is not something that ends at graduation:  learn a new skill, expand your horizons, and challenge yourself.  Not sure where to start?  Did you know that Nissen Staffing Continuum offers free webinars several times a month?  Check out the events page on our website to learn more!

Find a Mentor.  A great teacher is a plus for any student starting a new school year.  Don’t decide that just because you’re an adult that a great teacher can’t make a difference for you.  Find a mentor that can help you identify and develop your strengths and work on improving areas of weakness.

Get Organized.  Clean your desk, refill your supplies, and organize your inbox and calendar.  When your surroundings are organized, your ability to think clearly improves and so does your productivity.

Think about progress reports!  Research shows that those that ask for and apply feedback feel more successful and have a higher rate of success.  Welcome feedback and make necessary changes.

Start a new job! If you are not currently working, or not currently happy in your role, this is a great time of year to try something new.  Consider working temporary jobs that allow you the flexibility to work around family schedules and help you find a great fit.  Check out some of our current openings or contact us for an appointment!

Channel your inner student and get excited for a brand new year and all of the excitement it brings!  At Nissen Staffing Continuum, we encourage our employees to never stop learning.  An award-winning job placement expert in Southeastern Wisconsin, Nissen Staffing Continuum, can assist you in your job search in southeastern Wisconsin. As your strategic partner, we’ll help you take your job search to the next level.  For more information about how you can find a new career, contact us today and allow us to help you focus on success!