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December Webinars Announced!

Looking to end the year with a plan for your future?  Why wait until January and your New Year’s Resolution?

Several times a month, our company will provide you with timely (and free!) career development webinars to help you make the most of your job search and career development.

You do not need to come to our office to attend these webinars, you simply need to sign up and log in from the comfort of your own home.

Of course, if you do not have access to the internet and are interested in taking one of our webinars, please contact our office and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

To register, log into your Career Resource Circle account and click on the Webinar Tab. If you have any questions, please call our office at (262) 544-4787.


The Career Resource Circle is a free career resource tool for our current and future associates.

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Ignite Your Job Search with Confidence – Re-THINK YOU

Tuesday, December 5th @ 3:00 pm CST

It is time to re-invent your self-image, expand your self-concept, and ignite self-confidence.  No matter what you are doing in life, it’s important to know how to effectively manage yourself on all levels; physically, mentally, and emotionally.  If you feel like job searching is a defeating experience, make it a priority to join us.

In this webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Shift your perspective to cultivate self-confidence
  • Discover how easy you can change your self-image
  • Learn strategies to help you powerfully manage emotions
  • Build and strengthen your attitude – Be a Yes to You!
  • How to access the courage, clarity and power already in you!


Make the Holidays Happy: Resume Writing Tips to Beat the Job Seeking Doldrums

Tuesday, December 12th @ 10:00 am CST

In this webinar, job seekers will learn tips to keep their job search fueled through the holiday season and beyond. Targeted to help all job seekers—from entry-level to senior-level—our resume writing expert will offer easy to implement strategies that attendees can use immediately.


Nine Things to Do Before an Interview

Tuesday, December 19th @ 12:00 pm CST

There are hundreds of interviewing books and thousands of articles on the Internet. Often the most qualified person does not obtain the job offer. It is often the job seeker who aced the interview. Today we will discuss what you can do before an interview to gain a competitive edge. During this session, we will address the following topics:

  • Nine steps to help you prepare for an interview
  • Why preparation improves your interview abilities
  • Tips to remember during the interview process


Holidays are the Best Time to Escalate Your Search

Thursday, December 28th @ 11:00 am CST

Holidays can be very difficult when you are not working. Don’t get caught in the trap of waiting until after the first of the year to continue your Job Search. Understand the benefits of escalating your Job Search during the Holidays. During this session, we will discuss the following:

  • Hiring budgets that must be spent before the end of the year
  • Why many terminations occur during the last quarter of the year
  • How there is “less competition” right now!

‘Tis the Season to be Working

According to the National Retailer Federation (NRF), an average consumer will spend more than $800 on gifts and holiday merchandise this season.  The NRF also estimates that retailers will hire between 700,000 and 750,000 new holiday positions to cover the busy shopping season.  But the retail industry is not the only industry that sees an increase in activity this time of year. Product needs to be produced, items need to be shipped and delivered, restaurants and grocery stores see an increase in sales and the demand for personal services (hair salons, spas, etc.) also increases.

This increased activity means that you have an opportunity to make a little extra money this holiday season, and perhaps try something new. Here are five reasons to pursue a holiday position this year:

  • Earn more than you’ll spend! Wouldn’t it be great to not incur debt this holiday season?
  • Discounts! Many retailers offer product discounts to their employees.
  • Learn something new! Many companies are willing to train seasonal help and it’s a great opportunity to learn something new.
  • Get your foot in the door! Have you always wanted to work for a specific company? See if they are hiring seasonal help and apply.  Companies often offer longer term positions to people that do a great job during their seasonal roles.
  • Enjoy the flexibility! If you’re looking for some extra money and want a short-term, flexible job, seasonal positions often fit the bill.

Nissen Staffing Continuum can help you find seasonal work or a short term, flexible temporary job. An awarding-winning job placement expert in Southeastern Wisconsin, Nissen Staffing Continuum, can assist you in your job search in southeastern Wisconsin. As your strategic partner, we’ll help you take your job search to the next level.  For more information about how you can find a new career, contact us today and allow us to help you focus on success!

6 Job Seeker Resolutions for a Brighter, Better 2015

welderThe New Year is a time for fresh starts and resolutions to make the future better. And while your job search may seem like an ongoing struggle, tweaking your job search with a strong resolution may be the key to a new position in 2015. With the New Year here, there’s no time to lose as you search for your dream job, or a job that pays the bills. So make these resolutions today, and look forward to a new, stronger job search tomorrow:

  1. I will accept a temporary position.Temporary employment can fill in gaps on your resume, build your network and skills, and give you the opportunity to earn money (and benefits!) while you explore your options. Applying for a temporary position can jumpstart your employment search, and open doors for the future.
  2. I will mind my social media p’s and q’s. We know you’re thinking, “What does my Facebook page have to do with looking for a job?”  The answer: in today’s world, quite a bit. Many companies research your social media profiles for information about you. Put your best foot forward on Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Instagram.  Don’t comment about how your interviews went on social media, good or bad. In the same tone, don’t post negative comments about your present or past employers, or comment about all the days you miss work.  Keep your profile clean and tidy. It’s best for your job search, and could be the difference between landing and not getting that job.
  3. I will refresh my interview skills.A good job interview is the key to a job offer. The first step is education; reading our post about improving your interview skills is the start. Then, practice your interview with a friend or a mirror. Think before you answer, and make sure you perfect the small things—sitting up straight, making eye contact, how you dress, etc. You’ll be, and feel, prepared enough to take on your next interview.
  4. I will add another asset to my corner.Contact a staffing agency about job positions. Employers often list open positions only with staffing agencies; there are other benefits to using a staffing agency to find a position as well, as you can see in our recent blog post.
  5. I will head to a job fair.Though the prospect of a job fair can be intimidating, job seekers can often get fast results by visiting a job fair. Be prepared. Take along everything you need so you can fill out a job application accurately on site, and bring along a stack of resumes.
  6. I will revamp my resume.If your resume was put together years ago, reorganize and reformat your resume for the current job market.

Be prepared for your job search. Put together a list of your previous positions, and ask former managers and associates to be references before you start filling out job applications or contacting staffing agencies. Preparation ensures your job application is accurate and neat, so you can contact Nissen Staffing Continuum about short- and long-term temporary jobs, temp-to-hire positions and direct hire positions throughout southeastern Wisconsin. Don’t delay about your job seeking resolution. Contact Nissen Staffing Continuum today or apply online.