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Finding a Job You Love Is Not That Hard

Do you have a job you love that makes you smile?
Do you have a job you love that makes you smile?

Love is in the air. It has to be, right? It is after all the month centered around Valentine’s Day, Cupid and all the hearts and candy to go with it. While buying flowers and chocolates for your Valentine’s Day sweetheart, have you thought about how to find a job you love? We assure you it is possible, and not as complex as you think. Just pick up a pen and paper, log on to your computer and get your search started for the job you love:

  1. Know yourself. Ask yourself hard questions, such as: do you prefer a job that sticks to a routine, or a position that is a new adventure every day? What positions have you filled in the past? What did you like or not like about those jobs? What do you enjoy doing? Do you prefer working with people? Do you thrive as part of a team? Or would you rather work as an individual?
  2. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Put those qualities on paper, and research positions that fit your interests and abilities. Create a resume with your name, contact information, past work history and strengths and abilities that fit the position. For formatting examples, use a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing for ideas and templates.
  3. Try different jobs to find what you like. If the above items don’t get you any closer to knowing your ideal job, apply for a temporary job. Because of the nature of temporary work, you can fill different positions in a variety of industries, giving you experiences you can use to narrow down your options. As a temporary employee, you also have an opportunity to build a network of references to help you land your dream job.
  4. If needed, enroll in schooling to sharpen your skills, discover new interests and build your resume. Research colleges and technical schools that offer your ideal program or find a local school and enroll in general classes that pique your interest.

When you’re ready to apply for temporary positions, or have selected your dream job, contact the Career Consultants at Nissen Staffing Continuum. They can connect you with jobs and resources that make that job you love a reality, and give you a new love to celebrate your next Valentine’s Day—your job.